Boudoir prep guide

1. Come to the studio with a clean moisturized face & clean dry hair. Moisturize your body before you come to your session. Skip oils and sparkly options. If you wear glasses normally, put in contacts or skip the glasses all together to avoid glare.

2. Wear loose-fitting clothes to avoid lines and marks on your body that will show up in pictures. This includes a bra. I recommend wearing a tank top to keep the girls comfortable. Sports bras typically leave marks, skip that.

3. Shave your legs/ underarms and anywhere else you'd like to the night before to avoid razor burn! If waxing, please do so about 48 hours in advance to minimize pink tones.

DO NOT GET A SPRAY TAN. Not only can your skin tone look uneven but it gets on the furniture/bedding.

4. Stay hydrated! Drink lots of water prior to your session to keep your skin radiant and glowing! Eat a small meal before your session- Do not skip breakfast! That's unhealthy and I promise you won't see a small meal on your tummy!

Hair and Makeup

Having hair and makeup done can make a huge difference in your images.

While it is not required, I highly recommend having it done as the expertise of the hair and makeup artist helps take the pressure off of you already.

You will not have to bring anything but your own foundation to be sure she can match your skin tone and your own lip color if preferred.

She has various options from natural, smoky, and glam eyeshadow!

what to wear

Picking what to wear can be super difficult! Here's what I recommend: Bring some variety!

Bring a bra, panty, garter, and stockings!

Bring a teddy (One piece).

Bring a corset-type outfit like the red one above.

Bring a black pair of heels and a colored pair! (Stilettos)

You can also bring a robe for temporary coverage if wanted!


I do slight retouching! What I mean by slight is I smooth your skin to make it radiant and glowing, I bring out the highlights and shine in your hair, bring out your eyes and makeup. Throw a little extra attention on those gorgeous tattoos if you've got them! I remove any acne, bruises, scars, etc.

My method of retouching brings out the NATURAL, beautiful features. I never alter your body in any way or make you look like someone else. My goal is for when you see your images you see the beauty you have been having a hard time seeing yourself!

Rest assured you will look like the gorgeous, glowing goddess you are!!